Are Second Marriages More Stable? 

You got married when you were very young, and the marriage didn’t work out. You stayed together for a few years and then got divorced. You are still in your twenties, and you realized that you just had a lot to learn about relationships in general. So did your ex. That’s the reason that the relationship fell apart.

You’re now thinking about getting married again, since you’ve been dating after your marriage, and you figure this is going to be much more stable. You’ve learned so much over the time that you’ve been single and even from your previous marriage. You think this will help you avoid the same mistakes, so it makes sense to assume that a second marriage is going to be more likely to last than a first marriage. But is this true?

The truth is that second marriages actually have higher divorce rates than first marriages, so you’re more likely to split up the second time around. This may not be true in your individual case, of course, but the statistics paint a pretty clear picture. First marriages end at a rate of about 50%. Second marriages end at a rate of 65%. While every relationship is unique and there are different factors to consider, the sheer statistics do not support this idea that a second marriage would be more stable.

If you do end up getting divorced again, take the time to carefully consider all of your legal options. This can become more complicated each time, especially as you grow older and have children or gather more assets.