What Can You Do If Your Ex Isn’T Cooperating With Child Custody?

Trying to raise children with your ex isn’t always going to be easy. In every co-parenting situation, there are bound to be disputes. However, some parents have to deal with an ex who tries to make life more difficult at every turn. This can turn the parenting arrangement into a nightmare.

If you’re in this position, you must remember that the children have to be put first. You still have to do what’s best for them even when you want to turn the tables on your ex and make their life more difficult. Finding ways to keep your peace can help you through the situation.

Focus on your own parenting style

You can’t let your ex dictate your own parenting style. They’re your ex for a reason, so think about how you can draw that dividing line. Sit down and consider what parts of your parenting are important to you. Set up your home based on those. Only worry about what your ex is doing if they’re putting your child’s health, safety or happiness in danger.

Try to compromise

If the issues at hand are due to a dispute about a fundamental component of the parenting plan, you may need to compromise with your ex. Take the time to think about what they’re asking for. Creative solutions to these issues might be possible, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

One of the most important things you can do when you divorce your child’s other parent is to ensure you have a parenting plan in place. This provides both adults with guidelines about what has to happen with the children. It gives you a legal basis for turning to the court to have the terms enforced if necessary. You must ensure that the terms are in the child’s best interests. Working with someone who can help you to find solutions to the challenges is often beneficial.