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Violent crimes top the list of the most serious offenses you can face. These are crimes that use force or threaten force against the lives of others. They involve various types of assault, domestic violence, manslaughter, murder, and more. Many are charged as felonies with the potential to serve time in prison. Prosecutors in these matters often overcharge defendants in these cases in their effort to punish, send a message to others, and appear tough and noteworthy to the public. Where harsh penalties exist, that can make it worse for anyone accused of such crimes.

If you have been accused of a violent crime, you need to seriously consider your choice of a criminal defense lawyer. Your freedom and future may be at stake with the possibility of years or decades in prison. At Signature Law Group, you can partner with a criminal defense team that includes a former Yavapai prosecutor who has handled everything from minor misdemeanors to murder cases involving the death penalty. Having been a prosecutor, Prescott attorney Henry Whitmer understands how the other side operates to get convictions. His insider knowledge and experience as a prosecutor gives you an advantage in fighting for favorable results, such as case dismissals, reduced charges, or not-guilty verdicts in court.

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Types of Violent Crimes

Violent crime is a catchall phrase that describes a variety of crimes that involve threats of imminent danger or actual physical injury or death inflicted upon others. These crimes can range from simple assault in which no physical contact may have been made to various types of homicide, such as first-degree murder. The more serious the physical injury to others that is caused, the more serious the crime. In some cases, the type of alleged victim can also elevate charges, such as assaulting a police officer or other public servants, such as paramedics, firemen, healthcare professionals, and more. 

Examples of violent crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Simple assault. This is a misdemeanor that occurs when you physically injure another or put them in a state of fear that they will be injured.
  • Aggravated assault. This is a felony that is “aggravated” by factors such as using a deadly weapon, causing “serious” bodily injury or disfigurement, and more.
  • Disorderly conduct. This charge can cover a variety of actions, such as disturbing the peace, behaving recklessly, and more. It can be charged as both a misdemeanor and a felony.
  • Child abuse. This involves neglect, abandonment, injury, sexual conduct or exploitation, and other violent behaviors directed at a child. 
  • Domestic violence. Crimes of this nature involve family or household members. They can include assault and battery, stalking, threats and intimidation, and more. 
  • Reckless endangerment. This involves actions that put another at risk of imminent death. 
  • Gun crimes. These can include felony possession of a gun, using a deadly weapon while committing a crime, and more. 
  • Stalking. Because it places the alleged victim in fear, stalking is considered a violent crime and charged as a felony. 
  • Kidnapping. This involves transporting or moving someone against their will from one place to another or keeping them restricted by force or intimidation.
  • Manslaughter and murder. These crimes involve taking another’s life, whether by accident, recklessness, or intention. It includes drive-by shootings. These crimes are felonies. 

Why You Need an Experienced Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

Because the stakes are often very high in violent crimes, experienced legal representation is essential. If any dangerous allegations are made in your case, they can elevate your charges to a point where minimum prison time can be imposed by the court. These allegations include such actions as using a deadly weapon, from a gun to a baseball bat, and causing serious injuries that threaten the life of the alleged victim. 

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