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The word family means different things to different people, and Americans are increasingly redefining the traditional notions of family to be more inclusive and representative. At Signature Law Group, we are proud to help all types of Arizona families facing difficult legal issues related to divorce, child custody and more.

These are the types of disputes that can negatively impact all parties for years or a lifetime if handled poorly. By guiding you through your legal matters as efficiently and peacefully as possible, we strive to show you that your family can weather change and come out stronger on the other side.

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Our firm is ready to guide you through most family law issues, including:

Whether you need help with numerous legal processes or just one, we offer support and skilled guidance. Our goal is to help you resolve your legal matter efficiently, avoiding stressful and costly litigation whenever possible. We know that you can’t always be calm and rational when it comes to issues that impact your children or your future, and that’s why working with our firm is a smart investment. We regularly receive positive client feedback about our ability to stay calm under pressure and positive in the face of difficult decisions.

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Signature Law Group is located in Prescott and Gilbert, Arizona and serves clients throughout Maricopa and Yavapai County. To learn how we can help you begin the new chapter in your family life, call us at (928) 842-8522 or send us an email.

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