Child Custody. Can You Create Your Own Parenting Plan In Arizona?

Arizona family courts offer divorcing parents much guidance in structuring their parenting plans. For example, you can find several premade plans on the Arizona court website. These premade arrangements address children of all ages, allowing parents to find a plan that suits each other and their kids.

You can also create a parenting plan yourself if you prefer. Many parents use the arrangements provided by the courts as a guideline and then make changes based on their unique families. Of course, if you make your own plan, a family court will review it and decide if it is a good arrangement for your children.

Your plan should promote positive and healthy relationships between your children and each parent. If your kids outgrow the parenting plan you create, you may need to select a different one to accommodate their growth and changing needs. Consider the following when choosing a plan.

  • Age and maturity of the kids
  • How attached the children are to each parent
  • Special needs, if any (parents and kids)
  • Distance between each parent’s residence
  • Religious and cultural traditions
  • Where and how child custody exchanges occur
  • Parental communication and cooperation
  • Unique personalities of each child

Remember that it is in your child’s best interests to create a plan that meets their current and future needs. If you and your co-parent cannot agree on a parenting plan, the court will step in and decide on your behalf.

Consider becoming more familiar with the state parenting plan and child custody requirements. Doing so can guide you and your co-parent in creating a plan that satisfies everyone.