What To Look For In A DUI Attorney


Getting a DUI is a stressful situation. Hiring an attorney to help you shouldn't be. Here are things to look for in a DUI attorney.

Beware of salesmen. Hiring a DUI attorney is not a get out of jail free card. Attorneys help you through the process, answer questions, and resolve your DUI as best as possible. If an attorney promises you a dismissal, the prosecutor’s apology, and the key to the city, you should run. Someone that tells you they can make things disappear sounds more like a magician than a good attorney for a reason.

Experience matters. A DUI attorney needs to know what they're doing. They need to know the law, the court, the prosecutor, and have a good reputation. DUI law is complicated and should be handled by a professional. Just like I’d go to an oncologist if I had cancer, I would go to a DUI attorney for a DUI.

Look locally.  DUI attorneys build trust over time. That happens by repeat encounters. Local attorneys have more experience with local prosecutors, building a relationship. When I was a prosecutor and a DUI attorney would show up from an overpriced firm several hours away, I’d roll my eyes. I’d call them peacocks. They would be dramatic and put on a show for their client. When it came to negotiations, however, they wouldn’t get the same result as a local DUI attorney I knew was trustworthy and wouldn’t BS me.

This is not advice on your case. If you have any questions about your matter, schedule a consultation with me at Signature Law Group.

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