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What should you do if you find assets your spouse hid from you?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Divorce

In an Arizona divorce, spouses should try to split their property evenly. Community property rules apply to debt and income, as well as property accumulated during the marriage. Both spouses have to provide information about their individual assets when they divorce. They either share this with each other to settle the matter themselves or with the courts for litigated proceedings.

Unfortunately, some people will intentionally hide accounts or other valuable assets so that they don’t have to share that property with their spouses. What can you do if you discover that your spouse lied to you and the courts about their assets? 

You may need to go back to court

If your spouse has already intentionally hidden or underreported the value of marital assets so that they didn’t have to share that property with you, they probably won’t correct the issue when you catch them in the lie. You may need to go back to family court.

Although the courts very rarely reopen and change property settlement orders, evidence of financial misconduct, like hiding substantial assets, may be enough reason for the courts to correct the previous property division settlement. In some cases, judges may even penalize the spouse that hid property by taking more than half of it in the name of the spouse deprived of that asset in the divorce.

Ideally, you would take the time to look for hidden assets before going to court. However, maybe you trusted your spouse and only discovered their lies because a mutual friend told you the truth later. Whatever the situation, finding hidden assets after divorce may force you to take action in court. Understanding when you need to revisit decisions from your divorce can help you hold your ex accountable for financial misbehavior.