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Who files for divorce more often, men or women?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Divorce

Even in cases where both partners want to get divorced, it usually takes one person to finally move forward and file for that divorce. They initiate the process and make the end of the relationship inevitable. 

Have you ever wondered if men or women are more likely to do file first? Perhaps you’re considering divorce in your future and trying to determine where your spouse stands on the issue and how that can impact the case. After all, identifying signs of an upcoming divorce can help you plan in advance so that the legal process goes more smoothly. 

Women are far more likely to file

Interestingly, recent studies have found that women are far more likely to file for divorce than men, despite stereotypes that say otherwise. In opposite-sex couples, the majority of divorces are started by the wife, not by the husband. Some sources have put it at about 70% of all divorce cases. 

This certainly shows that women think about marriage differently than they used to, perhaps because it’s easier to find financial freedom than it was for previous generations. Making strides toward equality in the workplace has enabled women to choose the type of lives they want, without feeling like they have to stay in a marriage that they don’t want just so that they can have some financial support. 

This type of freedom in relationships and lifestyle choices can really help you have the future you want for yourself. If that future includes a divorce from your current spouse, be sure you know exactly what legal steps you will need to take.